Beebe Conference

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We're having a great time! Wish you were here.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yesterday was very busy for me. My husband is in Las Vegas attending an IBM Conference at the Rio, and I got to be his "camp follower" for the week. So I have been doing my coaching calls from the hotel room, and going out and working on other projects alongside the pool (life is soooo hard!). In the evenings, I do the "corporate wife" act, and socialize with other IBMers.

So yesterday I went down to the pool, and they had shut down one end of the pool area and were building a little stage. After a bit, they announced over the speakers that they wanted all the *ladies* to come sit on the blocked-off side of the pool -- they were having a "fashion show" with the Chippendales dancers modeling swimwear.

It turned out they were taping an episode for "Entertainment Tonight." So I wandered over there and sat with "the girls," and when the emcee encouraged us to clap and scream, I did!

It's scheduled to air next Thursday night [May 15th]. Look for me in the verrrry modest navy blue one-piece corporate wife swimsuit (see pic below), with a bright blue polka-dotted towel under my feet. IF I even appear in the final segment, that is.

Whatta hoot!

Geez my life is just hilarious sometimes.

PS: Yes, my eyes are closed in the picture. I just think the sun got too bright while I was waiting for Ingrid to take the shot, but you can tell yourself I'm fantasizing about the guy if it amuses you.

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You Tube?!?

OMG! Robin's on YouTube!

For those of you who keep wondering what Robin actually does for a living, here's a taste. (You get a gold star if you sit all the way through it! :-P)

Robin on YouTube


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